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160kw Industrial Electric Induction Furnace

160kw Industrial Electric Induction Furnace

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1.Application of Induction Melting Furnace:

A. Smelting of non-ferrous metals
B. Aluminium alloy casting
C. Zinc alloy casting
D. Smelting of Precious metal
E. All metal goods melting processing

2. Brief Introduction of IGBT Induction Melting Furnace:

Medium frequency induction melting furnace is an induction heating machine. Alternating current in the coils melts the metals in the crucible and then heats the hot metal to the temperature needed. It is the heat treatment prior to forging, sintering and hot rolling in casting and melting industries.

3.Main technical parameters of LSZ series induction melting furnace:

Model Power Input current Voltage Oscillation frequency


ing wire

Control switch
LSZ-15 15kw 18A 3-phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz 1-15KHz 10mm2 3*40A
LSZ-25 25kw 36A 10mm2 3*60A
LSZ-35 35kw 57A 16mm2 3*80A
LSZ-45 45kw 80A 35mm2 3*120A
LSZ-70 70kw 110A 50mm2 3*150A
LSZ-90 90kw 140A 75mm2 3*225A
LSZ-110 110kw 160A 90mm2 3*225A
LSZ-160 160kw 240A 120mm2 3*300A

4. IGBT Induction Melting Furnace Feature:

Very easy to install and operate, Quickly study.
Ultra-small size, light weight, portable, occupies less than one square meter.
24 hours uninterrupted smelting capacity.
Energy saving.
The furnace is to facilitate the replacement of different weights, different materials, different furnace way in order to accommodate each Kind smelting requirements.
The use of ultra-small frequency induction heating power supply frequency power, Its totally different from traditional furnace.
Heating through heat resistance, temperature uniformity.
The intermediate magnetic field on the molten metal with a magnetic stirring effect, and beneficial to ingredients are uniformly.
According to the recommended maximum smelting equipment and the amount of time each furnace smelting 20-60 minutes.