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Home Products Induction Heating Machine LSW-200 200kw Electric Steel Plate IGBT Induction Heating Machine
LSW-200 200kw Electric Steel Plate IGBT Induction Heating Machine

LSW-200 200kw Electric Steel Plate IGBT Induction Heating Machine

Brand Name: LANSHUO
Working Voltage: 380V, 50/60HZ
Max Input Power: 200kw
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
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1. Technical Parameters of LSW-200 IGBT induction heating machine:

Model LSW-200
Working Voltage 380V, 50/60HZ
Max input power 200kw
Oscillation frequency 10-20KHZ
Duty cycle 100%
Cooling water flow 50L/Min,0.2MPa
Weight 380kg
Dimension (L*W*H ) 1070*640*1870mm / 870*530*600mm
Material stainless steel
Color support customized
Usage metal heating,quenching etc

2. Applications of IGBT induction heating machine:

(1) Heating: mainly for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, brass, aluminum, etc. heating.
(2) Forging: Whole and partial induction forging for metal bar.
(3) Workpiece hot forging and rolling: standard parts, fasteners, automobile parts, small hardware, round bar and billet, etc.
(4) Specific application for the induction forging heater: bolts and nuts forging and hot upsetting, pipe induction forging and forming, auto parts (connecting rod, crank shaft, etc.), cast iron beam heating and continuous heating, oxygen bottle forging, rivet heating, long / round / square / angle bar and billet heating, etc.

3. Brief introduction of IGBT induction heating equipment:

Our high frequency induction heating machine adopts IGBT series and parallel induction heating technology as the core. The induction heating machine heats the work piece to a certain temperature, and then cools it rapidly to change its machine structure to achieve some special mechanic properties.

4. Features of IGBT induction heating equipment: suitable for heating steel bars, pipes, plates and angle steels.

1. Be applicable to heating, quenching / hardening, etc.
2. IGBT technology as the core.
3. Environmentally friendly: no air pollution, no dust and little noise.
4. Reduced operating cost: high automation, fewer operators needed.
5. Energy saving: high energy conversion.
6. High efficiency: Metal can be heated to its desired temperature, even its melting point, instantly.
7. Duty cycle 100%: can work for 24 hours without a stop.