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Concrete pump pipe inner side hardening equipment

Concrete pump pipe inner side hardening equipment

Brand Name: LANSHUO
Input voltage:3 phase 380V 50HZ
Oscillation frequency:20-40KHZ
Hardness of inner wall:HRC58-62
Working pressure:0.25MPa
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
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Frequency of the equipment can be processed according to the requirements of the user workpiece, generally 25-35KHZ, suitable hardness is 2-4mm, hardening hardness meets the requirements, deformation is small.

The speed is faster than the medium frequency 1/3, and there is no howling noise of thyristor Medium frequency.

The inductor has fine workmanship and is specially used for the coaxial water-cooled inductor for quenching the inner wall of the concrete pump pipe.

Adopting the international advanced device IGBT, the efficiency of IGBT is 30% - 40% higher than that of the old SCR, and the power saving is 30% - 40%.

The quenching equipment for inner wall of concrete pump is also suitable for various kinds of gear quenching, shaft quenching, machine tool rail quenching, turning tool welding, hot forging of round steel, vertical numerical control fire machine tool.


Name texture structure character Service life
general pipe 20 Single-deck Low cost, fast wear  7000-8000
high quality pipe structural alloy steel Single-deck High cost,but high wear resistance 15000-20000
double-layered tube structural alloy steel Double-deck  4-5 times 38000-45000