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Linear guide quenching equipment

Linear guide quenching equipment

Brand Name: LANSHUO
Max clamping parts length:600mm
Max hardening parts length:590mm
Max hardening parts diameter:400mm
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
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The main characteristics of the linear guide quenching equipment :

1.The heating speed is fast: it can heat the workpiece to the required quenching temperature as long as a few seconds to a dozen seconds.
2.The production efficiency is high, the quenching depth is easy to control, easy to realize mechanization and automation, and suitable for mass production.
3.High efficiency and energy saving can save more than 60% of electricity than electronic tube equipment.
4.Easy to operate, ordinary workers can learn in a few minutes.
5.Easy to install, only power and water pipes, 10 minutes to complete.
6.The degree of automation is high and the production efficiency is high.
7.It is easy to use and maintain, low failure rate and no leakage. It solves the problem of old machine tools.

The main configuration of horizontal numerical control quenching machine is as follows:

Numerical control system control;

Stepping motor driving;

Ball screw transmission;

Straight line guide, ball bearing piece slide;

The AC speed regulating motor drives the sprocket chain, and the light bar rotates the

The AC drive motor drives the lead screw and the screw rod to move up and down;

Control of water jet by solenoid valve;

The plug is equipped with a control heating device;

The workpiece is rotated through the roller to rotate the workpiece.


Mold Fully automatic
Adjustment range of workpiece length 100 - 450mm
Quenching speed adjustment AC servo motor
Programming and control system CNC numerical control system
Rotation speed of uncenterless wheel support wheel 0 - 200rpm/min
Push rod propulsion speed 0 - 10000mm/min
Adjustable range of 2 - dimensional sensor support platform +20mm
max bearing capacity of the support platform 30Kg
Processing diameter range 10mm - 30mm