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Shaft quenching machine tool

Shaft quenching machine tool

Brand Name: LANSHUO
Working voltage:3 phase 380V
The length of parts:600-2000mm
Maximum parts diameter:600mm
Maximum parts thickness:4.140mm
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
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The machine has manual operation and fully automatic operation. It is suitable for the production of single-piece and batch parts. It is widely used in the field of induction heat treatment in tractors, automobiles, engineering machinery and machine tools. The structure is reasonable, the function is complete, and the installation and debugging are convenient.

Structure feature:

The host of machine consists of a lathe, a precision workbench, an upper top seat adjustment sliding mechanism, an upper tip assembly, a table movement and transmission system, a spindle rotation and transmission system, a part rotation and an upper tip adjustment mechanism, and a balance, a cover frame, Electrical CNC part and so on.


Model LCN-600 LCN-1000
Max clamping part length 650mm 1050mm
Max hardened part length 600mm 1000mm
Max hardened part diameter 400mm 600mm
Max number of hardened parts 50kg 100kg
Workpiece speed 60-450r/min 60-450r/min
Quenching rate 200-3000mm/min 200-3000mm/min
Machine weight 850kg 900kg
Machine dimensions 1100*800*1800mm 1620*1340*2600mm